Golden Boy

Standing in the kitchen
polished glowing white under the static hum of unnecessary florescence
you kissed me
and placed those perfect 'piano' hands within my hair
Chocolate eyes alight with that wicked spirit
you carry in your bones
I felt my spine electrify, and my heart began to swell
a now familiar reaction
to the presence of your light.
I found my self delighting in the wonder of such little things
as melted cheese and golden hair
and the sound of a mighty sneeze
Words cannot describe my love
and this is truly how I see you:
a gorgeous golden boy
emanating light in a room
already saturated in midday sun.

Your final melody

I played your song,
fingers dancing in frantic flight across the keys
as if part of you would live again,
if only I was good enough.
I played and played, hot fingers slipping on cool keys
begging the music to bring you back
And all my thoughts of you,
played through my mind with dissonant resound
as the unfathomable weight of your absence
came crashing within the crescendo.
I broke a string.
Heard it snap, scream and die
Its final cry echoing within the polished black prison
attempting to contain it's spirit
The final note of your melody.
So I spent the early hours with you
Embraced the solid green earth
now blanketing your smile
I lay down by your side
one hand pressed to the canyon in my chest
the other to the cold damp grass
I swallowed hard
and fell apart
And that pathetic sun couldn't even begin to warm me
though it fought through the icy morning clouds
to dance upon your grave.