Flames and Music

My companion played piano.
And I, Siobhan, would dance.
And when our little home caught fire,
I mimicked the flames with the sway of my spine.
My friend stared solidly into the blaze.
He flinched only once,
when the piano began to spit and splinter
and chimed into a crackled chord.
When the monstrous song concluded,
curls of smoke rose in adagio
and joined in my ballet.
My spirit found its form in fire.
My dance ignited in heat and fury,
As I foolishly watched you go
An ignorant girl
Dancing in the smoke
Finding beauty in the heavy air
and the smell of burning music
Now my music is mathematic
Empty soulless chords
Swirling into the heavens
Like that dusty, bitter, murderous smoke
that carried you away.
My blue eyes became gray that day
A reflection of the filth,
the music and the madness,
The mourning and the man
Willing to die so beautifully

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